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Empower Rwandese Women and Youth in the UK Through Sponsorship

At Umucyo Foundation, we firmly believe that sponsorship is not just an investment but an opportunity to make a profound impact. By becoming a sponsor, your organisation not only furthers its own mission but also plays a pivotal role in impacting the lives of Rwandese women and youth in the UK.

Why Sponsor With Us?

We are passionate about creating meaningful change, and our sponsorship opportunities are a gateway to that transformation. Here’s why you should consider sponsorship with the Umucyo Foundation:

Impactful Community Support

Your sponsorship directly contributes to the well-being and empowerment of Rwandese women and youth in the UK. Together, we can make a tangible difference in their lives.

Tailored Sponsorship Events

Our calendar is brimming with activities throughout the year, providing a wide range of sponsorship opportunities. Whether it's a workshop, mental health seminars, sports events, or other community-focused activities.

Sponsorship Opportunities


Engage with our community in a relaxed and intellectual setting. Sponsor workshops where ideas and stories are shared, fostering a sense of unity and knowledge.

Mental Health Seminars

Promote mental well-being and engage in conversations that matter. Sponsor our mental health seminars, and together, we can work towards a community with healthier minds.

Sports Events

Support the physical well-being and sportsmanship of Rwandese women and youth. Sponsor sports events that foster unity, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle.

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We invite organisations, businesses, and individuals to reach out and explore the possibilities of partnering with the Umucyo Foundation. By working together, we can create a brighter future for our Rwandese women and youth in the UK.

To initiate a conversation about partnering with us, please get in touch at
We look forward to collaborating with you and making a 
difference together.

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